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Monday, 13 February 2017

DIO Service Delivery - Information for the MOD Housing Community

 13 February

Information for the MOD housing community
This is the first issue of our new Stakeholder Briefing, which aims to keep people in the MOD housing community informed about the service we provide and any changes, for example in relation to policy, charging, entitlement etc, which may impact on those living in SFA. The format is simple and includes two elements:

- The text in the white areas is for your information – to provide context rather than to share further.
- Information in the shaded boxes are customer messages that we would be grateful if you would consider sharing on your channels and through your chain of command.  We have kept these messages short so they are suitable for online channels, although we will provide links to more detailed information where this is appropriate.

I welcome your views on how useful you have found this update, including any suggestions you have for improving the content, or ideas for how best to share and cascade this information, along with any thoughts you have on the kind of subjects you would be interested in reading about in future updates. Thanks.

Air Commodore Ian Tolfts, Head of DIO Service Delivery Accommodation

Charges for Service Family Accommodation
We received some feedback that the charges for Service Family Accommodation were difficult to find. So we have extracted the information provided by MOD and published this on the SFA website to make it easier to find.
Charges for Service Family Accommodation
Customers who want to find the current list of charges for Service Family Accommodation can now find them more easily on the online or at (under Entitlement for SFA).

Built in appliances
Sometimes new SFA purchased from developers as part of our Capital Purchase Programme come with built in appliances, such as integrated fridge freezers, washing machines and dishwashers, which will not be standard for maintenance purposes.  These integrated appliances will be removed after the first occupancy or on breakdown whatever is earliest. 

Once the integrated appliance is removed CA will make good the space, allowing occupants to fit their own white goods in line with standard SFA policy. This does not apply to any integrated cookers which will be supported via the CarilionAmey maintenance contract.  We will work with developers to ensure, where possible, that our specification does not include integrated appliances.
Do you have a built in appliance in your Service home?
Service Family Accommodation customers benefit from a comprehensive maintenance service, including the provision of items such as cookers but not the maintenance of fitted appliances in some of our new SFA.  If you experience any issues with integrated appliances please report them to CarillionAmey (0800 707 6000) in the normal way.  Cookers will be repaired or replaced, however other non-standard integrated appliances will be removed and a space left for your own white goods in accordance with MOD policy.

Carbon monoxide detectors
We were asked about our policy for the fitting of carbon monoxide detectors.  A Service Managers instruction has been issued to fit CO2 detectors in SFA in any room that has a fuel burning device (other than all electric).  This is above and beyond the current legislation which only instructs landlords to fit them for open fires or solid fuel burning devices.
The Defence Infrastructure Organisation has amended its policy for fitting carbon monoxide detectors.  Detectors will now be fitted to any room that has a fuel burning device (except all electric).  This exceeds the current legislation.

Lost external door keys
Inevitably external door keys are lost, mislaid or even damaged from time to time. When an occupant calls the Helpdesk to report that they cannot access their property due to lost keys, an appointment can be raised but there will be a charge for this service via JPA.
The maintenance contract provides for broken or damaged locks (including where a key may have snapped in the actual lock), but the contract does not cover lost keys. Where keys are lost, occupants should make their own arrangements to have these replaced at their own expense, including via a private locksmith if necessary.

Mandatory gas safety inspections
Whilst a focus on the process has greatly reduced the number of outstanding Landlord Gas Safety Inspections, some customers continue to fail to permit access for these mandatory safety checks.  A Service Managers Instruction has been issued to the contract to start fitting heating restrictors that will be set to coincide with the gas safety tests – a beeping noise will be heard until the Landlord Gas Safety Inspection is complete. 
Do not put your family at risk – permit access for gas safety inspections
All customers living in Service Family Accommodation are reminded of their obligation to permit access for maintenance and safety checks. Please call the CarillionAmey helpdesk (0800 707 6000) if you appointment is not convenient.  These inspections are for the safety of your family.

Arranging maintenance yourself
Recently a customer arranged his own third party contractor and then presented the bill to CarillionAmey. This is unacceptable as all customers living in SFA benefit from a comprehensive maintenance service.  We would like to remind Service families that they should not arrange their own contractors and must call the Helpdesk in all instances. 
Do not arrange maintenance yourself for SFA
Families living in Service Family Accommodation benefit from a comprehensive maintenance service with clear published response levels dependent on the seriousness of the issue. Whilst some customers may wish to speed up this process, you should never arrange third party contractors as this work cannot be guaranteed, nor subsequently paid for by the MOD. Please call the CarillionAmey Helpdesk on 0800 707 6000 with all maintenance requests.

Window restrictors and safety
Windows and window fittings (such as blind cords) can present real dangers to small children and vulnerable individuals.  We are asking customers who fall into these categories to check their windows to ensure any restrictors that have been fitted open no more than 100 mm, and that they have reconnected restrictors that have been disabled (such as to clean them or when they may have been opened wider during warmer weather).  Furthermore, it is a good idea to double check blind cords and any furniture that could be used to climb up to the window. 
Window safety
If you have small children or vulnerable individuals in the house, it is a good idea to regularly check that any window restrictors you have in place are working – and look around the window area for other potential hazards. Although there is no legislative requirement, British Standards state that where restrictors are fitted they should limit the initial movement to no more than 100 mm. If any restrictors are not working, or opens more than 100 mm, please call the CA Helpdesk to report them. If you disable the restrictor, for example to clean the windows, it is very important that you check that it has reconnected and test it as some do not re-engage automatically and need to be reconnected manually.

It is also a good idea to look around to see whether any furniture or other objects near the window could be used to climb up to the window ledge.  And check that any blind cords are tied back or sufficiently short so they cannot be reached - to prevent strangulation injuries.

Above all, if you have any concerns about your window restrictors, please call the CA Helpdesk (0800 707 6000).

Loss of SFA amenities - temporary charging band reduction
Any SFA customer who experiences a significant deficiency or reduction in amenities lasting seven days or more can request a temporary reduction in charging bands (commonly known as a temporary downgrade).  Customers are responsible for requesting this, as it is not automatic, and details about how to do this is in the message below.
Loss of SFA amenities – requesting a temporary charging band reduction
Any SFA customer who experiences a significant deficiency or reduction in amenities lasting 7 days or more should contact the CarillionAmey Helpdesk on 0800 707 6000 - Option 3 to request a temporary reduction in charging bands.

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