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Tuesday, 19 December 2017


This message is for the attention of Regular Forces Service parents based in England.

If your child attends a state school, Academy or Free school in England and has been registered with the school as a Service pupil, the school will be granted a Service Pupil Premium of £300.

The Service Pupil Premium (SPP) is provided by the Department for Education (DfE) to enable schools to offer additional, mainly pastoral support during challenging times; this could include anything from a Service parent being away, being injured on active service, to bereavement. Funds are paid directly to schools with Head Teachers and school Governors deciding how the funds are used.

Schools with Service children in Reception to Year 11 classes are eligible to receive SPP, but only if your child’s name appears on the school roll as being a Service child. The annual census takes place on 18 January 2018 and children must be registered with the school before this date.

You are encouraged to contact the school and make them aware your child is from a Service family. (Pupils with a parent who is on full commitment as part of the full time Reserve Service should be classed as Service children) This information is not shared with other organisations and is protected on the National Pupil database. For more information on eligibility, please see the links below:

For any other queries regarding Service children contact the Directorate Children and Young People’s educational advisory arm, Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS) via email: DCYP-CEAS-Enquiries@mod.uk or telephone: 01980 618244.

Monday, 11 December 2017



Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee (VAPC)

Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee (VAPC) – New Members

Veterans UK is part of the Ministry of Defence with responsibility for the administration of Compensation and Pension Schemes and for the provision of Welfare services to veterans. It also acts as the Sponsor Department for the Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee (VAPC), a Non-Departmental Public Body whose Chairmen and Members are appointed by the Minister for Defence Personnel and Veterans.

The roles of the VAPC include raising awareness of the War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation Schemes, the Veterans UK Welfare Service and the availability of cross government support to Veterans and their families assisting veterans in accessing local services as envisaged under the Armed Forces Covenant. The VAPC also provide support to Veterans UK by monitoring its welfare service and assisting individuals with any problems or complaints they have regarding the war pensions or AFCS claims process and much more besides.

The VAPC is looking for new members for 12 of its 13 regional committees and 2 Chairmen, one to lead the Wales committee and another to lead the South East committee. The positions are voluntary, unpaid roles but travel, subsistence and loss of earnings may be payable.

For full details please see these links 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Do you receive an Armed Forces Pension?

Have HM Revenue & Customs used the correct primary source of income to calculate your Tax Code?

For more information use the link below:


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Thursday, 2 November 2017

LifeWorks for Families

LifeWorks for Ex-Forces

Go Ape - DDS Discount

Go Ape offer members of Defence Discount Service a 10% discount on Forest Segways and Tree Top Adventures Sundays to Fridays inclusive. To find out more and how to book visit:


DDS - Who is eligible for the service?

Monday, 23 October 2017

Weeton Camp Barber Shop

The Barber shop on Weeton Camp is situated within the HUB

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Job Opportunities at the Houndshill Shopping Centre Blackpool

Please use the link below for any job opportunities available at the Houndshill Shopping Centre Blackpool


Thursday, 5 October 2017

Free Rehabilitation course for Veterans

Are you a veteran and need additional rehabilitation and training following a head or spinal injury?
Contact www.basiccharity.org.uk for more details.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Lancashire County Council - Free early education for two year olds

Lancashire County Council offer “Free Early Education for 2yr olds” to children of serving armed forces personnel residing in Lancashire, from the term following their 2nd birthday. 
Parents must apply through the Children’s Centres, as online or phone applications for military children are not accepted.

Children born 1 April 2015 – 31 August 2015
If you are eligible, you can still access your free place this term (1 September 2017 – 31 December 2017). Remember to take your letter or email confirming your eligibility with you when you book a place with your chosen childcare provider.

More Information and how to apply can be found at the link below;


Busy Bears Nursery Preston - Discount

Do you work in for the NHS, Emergency services or Military?

We offer families a 10% discount so why not enquire today…
We have recently enhanced our provision and created a new and fresh 2 years old unit, we have a team of highly dedicated staff that has the ability to support and encourage continued learning opportunities for you and your family.

Here at Busy Bears we work together to support and encourage quality learning opportunities; we have baby sign lessons, dancing lessons, swimming lessons and an exciting outdoor garden.
Come and have a look and get any support or information you might need when looking for a nursery.

We can also help you look find out more information about free funded sessions for the 2,3&4 year olds.

Contact Kirsty on 01772 795286 or
2A Manor House Ln, Preston PR1 6HL

Friday, 29 September 2017


Don't take it from us, tell the world the experiences that you had serving and living in Germany

The BFG Legacy Project is beginning – and you can be a part of it. 

By the time the last units in 20 Armoured Brigade leave Sennelager in 2019, British Forces will have been stationed in Germany for nearly 80 years. 
To mark this lengthy period of overseas deployment, HQ BFG is producing a book: 
British Forces in Germany – The Lived Experience.
This is a call for you to share your lived experiences with us. 

Please click on the link to share your experiences​

Monday, 25 September 2017

FAM - latest Information

Read the latest Information by clicking on the link below.

Future Accommodation Model - What's happening now?

Thursday, 21 September 2017

New rules for Fylde dogs as from 1st October

New rules for dog walkers in Fylde will be put in place by the council next month. 

People must abide by these new rules or face a £100 penalty or prosecution with a fine of up to £1,000. 

Starting October 1, dogs must be kept on leads at all times on all carriageways and footways in Fylde. They must also be on leads at all times when in car parks provided by the council, including off-street parking places. Additionally, dog walkers are required to put any dog in their care on a lead if a police officer, police and community support officer, dog warden or other person authorised by the council asks them to. This order does not apply in places where dogs are banned or already required to be on leads. These include Park Cemetery in Lytham, childrens play areas in parks which are seperated from the rest of the park by a fence or other enclosure, and ornamental lakes, ponds, streams or other water features in a park or recreation grounds. 
The order does not apply on the Promenade between Fairhaven Road car park and North Promenade car park between Good Friday and September 30. It also does not apply on the sand dunes between St Annes lifeboat station and the northern end of North Promenade car park on those same dates. 
Exceptions to these new rules are if the a person has been given permission to walk their dog off-lead by the owner or occupier of the public place, if the person has a disability and the dog is a guide or assistance dog, or if a person has a ‘reasonable excuse’ for having their dog off a lead.

Read more at: www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/new-rules-for-fylde-dogs-1-8763388

Wednesday, 20 September 2017



14 Aug 17



1.       As you will be aware, the CAAS charge for individual SFA is established following a review of three factors – Scale, Condition and Location.  As part of the introduction of CAAS, the first 2 factors were assessed via a widespread survey programme of houses – from which some extrapolation was undertaken for like houses on the same estate – along with ongoing surveys to ensure that, ultimately, 100% of all SFA have been surveyed.  The Location factors were applied using a desktop methodology drawing on nationally available data that was collated and analysed by the University of York.


2.       The baseline for the Location factors was drawn from information and data that was compiled in 2013.  In line with the current JSP 464 policy, the Location factors were due to be updated in 2017 as the data was 4 years out of date.  Moreover, MOD and DIO were aware that some of the underpinning data had been subject to change and, specifically, availability and speed of broadband.  Accordingly, a revised data set was requested from the University of York, with receipt of the revised Location data in Feb 17.  It was initially planned that the revised data would be applied to charges from 1 Apr 17 but this was delayed until Sep 17 in order to provide occupants with at least 93 days’ notice of a change.  The revised data would have resulted, mainly due to reported increases in Broadband speed, in the charge for many SFA increasing.  Some SFA would have seen a decrease. 

3.         Following the decision to delay the implementation until Sep 17, it has become clear that some of the factors require further analyse to ensure consistency and transparency.  This will include, but is not constrained to, reviewing the broadband baseline, and exploring how to make supporting data more accessible to increase the transparency of the process.  As a result of this review and the potential change to the broadband baseline, it has been decided to delay any changes to charges until 1 Apr 18.

4.         Once the review is complete, SFA occupants will be notified if there is a change to their charge – giving 93 days’ notice - before these are applied from 1 Apr 18.  The changes will not be backdated.  For those SFA that are already at a final CAAS band, an adjustment will be made to that banding.  For those SFA that will be still be on a transition pathway on 1 Apr 18, the amended Location factors will be applied and the final CAAS Band-for-Charge will be adjusted accordingly.  JSP 464 will be amended to reflect any changes made.


5.         There was an expectation amongst some occupants that they may receive news of an increase (or decreases in a small number of cases) initially with effect from Apr 17 and then Sep 17.  However, in light of the review detailed above, no letters have or will be issued to occupants to advise of any changes until the review is complete.  As the number of properties affected by the revised data is not known, it is not possible to write to occupants individually to advise of the delay.  Accordingly, I would ask that you arrange for communication to be promulgated via your various channels – drawing on the content of this note – to ensure that SFA occupants are advised of the delay.  The key message should be that the data is being reviewed to ensure accuracy and the underpinning information clarified in order that SFA occupants can have confidence in it.  Additionally this detail will be published on the CAAS intranet page.

DIO Information on Compensation Scheme

Friday, 8 September 2017

The Soldier Magazine

View the latest edition of the Soldier Magazine HERE

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Protecting your little bundle - CDPO booklet

This document has been produced by West Mids Region - howeverm the content is local and national and rellevant to all areas

To view the booklet use the link below; 
CDPO Final Version

thingamajigz - Indoor Fun Play Centre

Find out more at the link below


Farmer Parrs Animal World - Fleetwood

If Ewe Like Animals, Ewe’ll Love Farmer Parrs.

Gallop on over for a MOO-vellous Family Day Out!

For Times and Prices click on the link below


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Wyre Netball Club - Mini Movers

Our new mini movers sessions started today and it was fantastic. We'd love to welcome more youngsters aged 4-6 next week! 
Get in touch for more info!


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Armed Forces Covenant Survey

The Armed Forces Covenant website has now been live for over a year and is being updated continually but to ensure the content meets the user's needs, we are currently hosting a customer survey - the feedback will help us improve the website's content. The survey will run until 31 July and can be accessed via the front page,


Thursday, 20 July 2017

NHS veterans’ mental health services now available for armed forces personnel approaching discharge

Information for patients

Armed forces personnel approaching discharge can now get treatment and support at NHS veterans’ mental health services across England and thereafter into their civilian life, whether this is months or years later. 

If you are experiencing mental health difficulties, these services can provide a range of treatment and support in close liaison with Defence Medical Services (DMS).  This includes recognising the early signs of mental health problems and providing access to early treatment and support, as well as therapeutic treatment for complex mental health difficulties and psychological trauma.  Patients are also provided with help, where appropriate, with employment, reduction in alcohol consumption, housing and social support.

To access these services whilst you are still in the armed forces, you must meet the following criteria:

·         be a resident in England
·         have an identified or diagnosed mental health illness / disorder; AND
·         have a discharge date from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) or be found to be unfit for continued military service by their medical board; OR
·         have been identified by the Departments of Community Mental Health as requiring follow on psychiatric care on discharge from the MOD; OR
·         have had their pre-release medical and been identified by their DMS GP as requiring mental health transition support; OR
·         have had a pre-release medical before they self-refer.

If you wish to access these services once you are a veteran, you must meet the following criteria instead:


1.               In overseas locations the MOD provides services (or access to services) that, so far as is reasonably practicable, conform in type, scope and standard to that required by legislation in England (but paying due regard to the equivalent legislation in the Devolved Administrations).
2.               The 2006 Childcare Act provided for 15 hours of childcare per week for 38 weeks of the year for 3 and 4 year olds free of charge.  In overseas locations the MOD currently delivers this entitlement through places at MOD-provided settings or through access to the MOD Overseas Nursery Allowance.
3.         The 2016 Childcare Act provides for an extension of the current entitlement and offers an additional 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year of free childcare for children that are eligible, with effect from 1 September 2017.
4.         The additional 15 hours will be available to families where both parents are working (or the sole parent is working in a lone parent family) a minimum of 16 hours each per week. Parents each earning £100,000.00 or more do not qualify for the additional entitlement.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Veterans' Housing Advice

AF Bereavement Scholarship Scheme

DCYP - Tax-Free Childcare

Tax-Free Childcare will be available to millions of working families across the UK, and over time it will replace childcare vouchers, which will close to new entrants from April 2018. 
Voucher schemes remain open to existing members. Eligible parents with children under 12 (under 17 for disabled children) will be able to set up an online childcare account to pay their childcare providers directly. For every £8 parents pay in, the Government will add £2, up to a maximum contribution of £2,000 per child, per year (£4,000 per year for disabled children). To qualify, parents must be in work, this includes self-employment, and each expected to work a minimum of 16 hours per week and earn no more than £100,000 per year. 
Using the Childcare Checker, parents will be able to find out which providers have signed up in their area. The scheme will gradually become available to different age groups from 28 April 2017 with all eligible parents being able to access the scheme by the end of 2017. 

Parents who have registered with the ‘keep me updated’ tool will be notified when they become eligible. Childcare providers have a pivotal role in Tax-Free Childcare. They need to sign up so that parents can use Tax-Free Childcare to pay them; thousands have already done so. 
To find out more about the new and existing offers, including the introduction of 30 Hours free childcare from September 2017 for eligible working parents and how they can help you, go to the Childcare Choices website at https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk/  where you will find the childcare calculator https://www.gov.uk/childcare-calculator to help you compare the government’s childcare offers and check what works best for your family. 
MOD personnel based within the United Kingdom will have the same access to these new Childcare Choices as any other citizen, in line with the Armed Forces Covenant. Since 2013 the Ministry of Defence has been working closely with other government departments to ensure that these changes to childcare choices can be mirrored, so far as it is reasonably practicable to do so, for entitled MOD personnel based outside the United Kingdom. Full details of the required changes or additions to MOD policies will be published shortly, once the changes have been published on the Government’s Childcare Choices webpage. Alternatively, email: DCYP-DCYP-Mailbox@mod.uk for further information.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Armed Forces Covenant Report

Our Community Our Covenant  
See the 2nd edition of the Covenant Report using the link below.


DIO Information about Families Accommodation

See information from DIO about Service Families Accommodation in these video links

Monday, 3 July 2017

Learn to speak another Language

Little Troopers launch free easy to use app

Little Troopers Treasures

This weekend we launched a brand new, free, easy to use iPad app that is available now exclusively to serving British Armed Forces families. We'd love you to spread the word to your families about this new resource.

We know that serving parents are so frequently away from home and often communications can be limited or sporadic. We also know that a bedtime story is one of the most important times to a child.

So.....we teamed up with Harper Collins Children's Books to bring families Little Troopers Treasures; it will make story time precious every day and will ensure children never miss a bedtime story from their parents again; they can watch the recordings over and over whenever they miss their mummy or daddy.

Download the app on your iPad HERE

Once you are registered (only register once you just need a family login) you can log in and view the bookshelf with various titles available, then simply record a story. The app will capture your face, your voice and the story book pages while your record, it will all then be immediately wrapped up with love and saved on your device and can be watched or listened to or both over and over again.

There is also some supporting resources such as a weekly planner, separation diaries and time difference sheet for you to print and use to compliment the app.

View more on the Little Troopers Treasures web-page HERE

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The summer issue of Easy Resettlement magazine is out now...

Easy Resettlement is now the number one armed forces resettlement publication as we offer more employment opportunities for our readers than any other publication. Each issue is distributed to all service leavers by BFPO to ensure everyone gets a free copy. In addition to the hard copies it is sent out via an Email blast to our subscribers as well as having an easy to read online version on our website, you can even download back issues to your desktop www.easyresettlement.com/magazine/
We are proud to announce our partnership with DSEI who run the largest Defence and Security Expo in Europe, the event is free for military personnel and it will be taking place between the 12th-15th September at the Excel arena in London. You will be able to pick up free copies of the summer issue at this event.
You may have heard our Sales Manager, James Atkins, on the Hal Stewart BFBS show earlier this month, if you missed it and would like to listen to what we are doing to help our readers simply click this link http://www.easyresettlement.com/bfbs/
We are especially proud to announce some new partnerships with companies who will be offering employment opportunities to our readers through our magazine. These include The AA, Aspire Defence, Amazon Web Services known as AWS, Civil Nuclear Constabulary and Jaguar Land Rover. These are a welcome addition to those already recruiting our readers such as The East of England Ambulance Service, Maritime Transport and KLM UK Engineering. Each issue we include a Franchising for Veterans feature with the BFA giving some valuable insights in to what makes a good franchise, some great franchises that have already recruited veterans and service leavers include Action Coach, Chips Away, Gas Elec and Snap on Tools.

Take a look at the summer issue to read some great case studies. Finally we will be attending various events where we get the chance to speak with our readers, these include the CTP and Security Cleared Jobs Expos as well as the DSEI event. Please do come along and speak with the team and let us know what else you would like to know about in future issues.
All of this is only possible thanks to our advertisers so please mention our magazine when speaking with anyone. Also join our social media groups, subscribe to the magazine for free and let any friends and family know about how we can help.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Lancashire County Council looking for Ex-Service Personnel

Lancashire County Council is looking to recruit 12 Ex Service Personnel (Armed Forces), to become part of its Mentoring in Schools programme for secondary schools in Lancashire.

For more information use the link below;


Monday, 5 June 2017

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Scottish Veterans Residences

SVR have produced a small video to highlight the work that we do to support Veterans, if you have the time please watch the video as it demonstrates our commitment and ability to work with Veterans from all backgrounds and situations

Currently, SVR have Temp Supported Accommodation at the following locations:

Edinburgh – Whitefoord House – 7 Vacancies

Wednesday, 24 May 2017