Monday, 19 October 2015


 SORTED! comprises of seven well established charities, which provide a wide range of employment 
 related services and support for the Forces community (including  spouses/partners and
 dependents) to find and stay in work.  These services have now been integrated into seamless 
 employability support and guidance.

 SORTED! will focus on you if you are actively seeking employment and ensure that you get
 the right information, advice and guidance to make your employment journey easier and more effective. 
 We do this by linking you directly with a member of the SORTED! team who can walk you through your
 options and direct you to services that are being provided either by the SORTED! team or through
 appropriate associates and providers.  SORTED! also has direct links with a large number of employers 
 providing access to a wide range of vacancies. Equally if it is training you are looking for or simply any 
 other employability advice,  SORTED! can help.

To find out more please visit the SORTED! website at: