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Thursday, 21 July 2016

MOD's JCCC launches new app and briefing films

MOD’s JCCC launches new app and briefing films

The Ministry of Defence’s Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC) has launched a new mobile app, MOD ICE, and two briefing films to help service personnel and their families access their services, with support from the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach KCB CBE ADC DL BA MPhil DTech DLitt RAF.

The JCCC, part of Defence Business Services (DBS), provides a focal point for casualty administration and notification and requests for compassionate travel (for those personnel serving overseas) in respect of members of the British armed forces at any time and will take immediate action for service personnel and their families when an emergency occurs.

Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach said: “The role that the JCCC undertakes in Defence is a key part of the Military Covenant. Service Personnel must be confident that there is a dedicated organisation providing immediate support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to all in uniform and their loved ones, should an incident occur.

To ensure everyone who is involved in an emergency are given the care and attention needed, it is important you know what you must do: keep your Emergency Contact and Next of Kin details on JPA up to date and make and maintain a current Will.

I encourage the Armed Forces community to watch the JCCC Briefing Films and download the ‘MOD ICE’ App.”

The app can be downloaded to a mobile phone or device and provides a very simplistic ‘click and call’ facility that will direct the user to the most appropriate organisation who can help them if or when they are faced with a family emergency. The app, which will run alongside the JPA P001 card, guides the user to talk to the correct point of contact, even if the emergency is to be managed outside of JCCC’s remit, for example by Service welfare or a charity partner.

The JCCC MOD ICE app is now available to download by visiting the ‘Defence Gateway’ website. Service personnel can login using their details. The user will need to visit ‘Defence Gateway’ on the mobile device that they wish to host the app. They can then repeat the action with the relevant devices of family members and the app can be downloaded multiple times from the same ‘Defence Gateway’ account.

Once it has been downloaded, the service person’s name, rank and service number, together with the most relevant welfare officer’s details are entered into the app, it can be used by both the service person and their wider family at any time of day or night – whenever it is needed.

Alongside the new app, DBS has produced two short films to highlight JCCC’s work, the types of support provided and to explain some key actions personnel should take now to update Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) system and make a Will. Both films are introduced by the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nicholas Houghton GCB CBE ADC GEN, who encourages all personnel and their families to watch them and take the actions recommended. One film is aimed directly at service personnel with the other more relevant to their families.

The service personnel film is presented by popular BBC presenter Ellie Harrison and explains the role of JCCC and the services provided. It details what happens if a service person becomes a casualty, or a fatality, the role of a Casualty Notifying Officer and Visiting Officer, information about the Dangerously Ill Forwarding of Relatives (DILFOR) process and the support JCCC provides during a family emergency. The film explains the important difference between an Emergency Contact – which is a personal choice - and Next of Kin, which is a spouse or blood relative. The film also highlights how it is essential to make a Will and ensure all these details are accurately recorded on JPA.

The families’ film is presented by adventurer and broadcaster Ben Fogle. It highlights similar issues to the service personnel film but focuses on information specifically relevant to families, including encouraging families to make sure the service person has updated JPA and made a Will.   

Both films explain how to contact the JCCC, use of the JPA P001 card and the MOD ICE app. The films are being distributed via DVD to Units and can also be viewed by visiting and searching for “JCCC”.