Wednesday, 19 August 2015

CASS - Message to Customers

CASS – Message to Customers

Surveys ongoing to support the introduction of the Combined Accommodation Assessment System
Estimated CAAS Band letters were sent to all Service Family Accommodation (SFA) customers in the UK at the end of July 2015.  This information was provided so you had an understanding of the new charging system and an estimate of the charge that your current home may attract when CAAS is introduced in April 2016. 

However, the survey programme to gather information about SFA continues and even though you now have an estimate, we may still need to access and survey your SFA. That’s because the estimate you have received was made using existing data held, some of which is fully up to date, and some of which continues to be updated using the survey programme.  

So if you receive a letter about surveying your SFA please permit access to the surveyor, which the Chain of Command has agreed to support, so we can ensure that the final CAAS bands are accurate. Thank you.